Riedon is one company that implements modern wire wounds and hard films to design and produce power resistors. For over forty-five years, they have specialized in manufacturing a wide range of resistors for industrial and medical uses. The company has its service center, head office, and team in Los Angeles, US.

Additionally, the Riedon company has another company in Texas, Mexico. The company specializes in producing low and cheap electronic components for industries, automotive, power supplies, hospitals, and telecommunications agencies.

The Shanghai support center helps support the Riedon Asia Market to provide efficient electronic devices to the global market. The company produces over seventy series of standard resistors. Riedon’s mission is to provide a resistor for people who will help limit or control the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit and offer a specific voltage for a transistor. 

Riedon is charged with the ability to provide a well-customized product to meet customers’ needs and specifications.