Schroff GmbH is a producer of electronic boxing products. It is a company located in Germany and has been in existence since 1962. Schroff Company is among the Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Industry. 

Schroff was the innovator of 19-inch cabinets. They were among the British Conglomerate Pentair between the years 1994 to 2018. When the Pentair split into two on the 30th of April 2018, Schroff emerged as one of the Conglomerate of British nVent Electric Plc.

The majority of the Schroff products are based on customer specifications. Therefore, the act resulted in the innovation of production and integration centers mainly to deal with customized products.

Schroff GmbH has more than 100 engineers in Germany that are customer-based for large-scale world projects and customized proposals. As a result, Schroff remains one of the most vital manufacturers in the market.