Semikron has been in existence since 1951, and it’s a family business. Their headquarters is in Nuremberg, Germany. Semikron is one of the leading global producers of power modules and systems. However, these power modules and systems are primarily produced in the medium output range, approximately 2KW to 10MW. 

Semikron products and services are at the core of contemporary industrial automation and energy-efficient motor drives. These products can be used in various applications, including renewable energies(solar and wind power), power supplies, and electric vehicles like forklifts, vans, lorries, buses, private cars, etc. 

Semikron has production facilities in several countries, including Germany, Italy, Brazil, France, China, India, the USA, and Slovakia. And this helps them to meet the growing demand from their customers. Their highly creative and ingenious power electronic products allow their customers to produce smaller and more efficient power electronic systems. And this helps to reduce the energy demand worldwide.