SIBA is one of the leading manufacturers of fuses covering a wide range, from small devices for electrical components to high-end high-voltage installations. Their perseverance and creativity in the search and development of original solutions combined with their decades of experience in electrical safety are core factors that have helped them manufacture customized products developed for individual needs. 

SIBA is committed to producing efficient, effective, and reliable fuses. They can safeguard customers’ plants, products, and machinery through their wide range of products. All SIBA’s products comply with stringent national and international norms and standards, including IEC, VDE, EN, UL, DIN, etc. And it doesn’t matter the country; SIBA is familiar with each country’s fuse specifications. 

SIBA has subsidiaries in ten countries, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA. They also have distribution partners all over the world. This helps SIBA reach and remain in close contact with their international clients.