SiTime Corp., headquartered out of San Jose, CA (USA), was founded by Japanese electronics giant MegaChips Corporation back on December 26th, 1990, when it had registered its first patents.

From the smartphone within your grasp to the PC on the table and cockpit in a plane, SiTime produces timing devices useful in electronics. They create programmable solutions that help clients distinguish products with small size, low power, and enhanced reliability.

The SiTime family of chips is considered to be a leap forward in the development of quartz crystals. SiTime has proved itself one of today’s leading providers in timing solutions across all industries, from military defense systems such as missile guidance kits or commercial applications like smartwatches with GPS tracking capabilities.

The company’s latest generation chip features twice as accurate timing as previous models, which means that each unit will provide you with more reliable information about how much your devices should slow down or speed up if they need any adjustments made during operation based on environmental changes such as temperature fluctuations from season-to-season; something no other manufacturers have accomplished so far!