Established in 1969, State of the Art Inc has an unparalleled reputation in producing thick and thin-film resistors. The product applications are seen in healthcare, aerospace, defense, and communications. The company takes pride in offering quality, reliable, and prompt services to customers. State of the Art, Inc. creates an innovatively designed line of resistive products to accommodate any lifestyle or budget. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality product that is made with care and technological expertise or simply want something affordable, they have it all!

State of the Art, Inc. has over 100 employees, modern facilities, and automated production lines for efficient large batches. The company also carries inventory exceeding 50 million chip resistors to meet any customer’s need in quick time and personalized service from their staff!

State of the Art, Inc., is located on 41,500 square feet expanse of land, which provides customers quality products at an affordable cost while providing them personalized services by qualified sales correspondents who have extensive knowledge about every product we carry – making them stand out above all competitors when it comes to high-end hardware needs such as resistor chips or anything else you can imagine where electronic components are required.