STMicroelectronics company is a technology products company that designs and manufactures electro-technological devices used in engineering. Many independent designers trust STMicroelectronics, thereby choosing their products when integrating electronics such as Sensors, Wireless Integrated Circuits, analog and Microelectromechanical components into their systems.

The quality of the products offered is dynamic, which can meet industrial and individual usage, improve the standard of technological advancements, and facilitate smarter homes and cities.

STMicroelectronics was founded in 1987 as a result of a merger between two other technological manufacturing companies. With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, STMicroelectronics has employed over 40,000 workers who ensure its products are in sync with its goal.

With over 10 billion pounds in revenues, STMicroelectronics is increasing in quality and quantity, abounding yet more in plant sites across Europe, majorly in Italy.