Texas Instruments focuses on designing and manufacturing products that help manage power, accurately sense and transmit data. These products are semiconductors and integrated circuits, which operate in Analog segment semiconductors and Embedded Processing segments. Texas Instrument is also involved in designing and producing other products such as digital light processing technology and education products, including Calculators and microcontrollers.

The Analog segment semiconductors convert real-world elements, such as sound, temperature, pressure, or images, by positioning them, magnify them and regularly convert them to a tide of digital data that can be analyzed by other semiconductors. 

Embedded Processing is used for the safety-critical system. These segments are created to handle definite tasks and can be optimized for different combinations of performance, power, and cost, varying based on the type of application. 

Texas Instrument surfaced in 1951 after the reconstitution of Geophysical Service Incorporated, a company established in 1930 that designs and manufactures devices used in the seismic industry.