For more than 95 years, Tripp Lite has been striving to give quality products and services such as digital signage tools, power distribution units (PDUS), and power surges, among others. As a result, Tripp light is one of the most extensive IT solution scopes of industry providers. The products of Tripp Lite have high quality and fit all settings, from government agencies and industrial needs to minor business solutions. As a result, Tripp Lite remains the first name in the world of the IT industry.

Tripp Lite offers flits of services that help in building running applications and digital signage. Their services entail a trusted education network,  small businesses, government agencies, and large corporations. Tripp Lite ensures a fabulous product experience for every customer.

Tripp Lite has premium isobars and cube surge protectors. The scale power strips provided by Tripp Lite have different options for a total outlet, outlet types, and cord length to fend for other business power solutions.