Vicor Corporation is another United States organization that is an expert in producing different AC and DC components. This company is worth more than $230 million as some of its subsidiaries include Vicor Hong Kong Ltd, Vol Chip Inc, VI Chip Corporation Vicor France SARL, Northwest Power, Inc, and others. They have one of the best staff in this industry as there are options to motivate employees to deliver better services for customers. If you want a technological company that will help you manufacture components useful for power or technology generation, Vicor is the best in this aspect. 

An interview with Vicor’s president Patrizio Vinciarelli confirms that the organization established in 1981 has its headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. They produce different accessory products, zero current switching, custom power solutions, and others. To get any of their products in your location, all it requires is to contact their sales representative. They have an excellent customer service unit that is always ready to listen to customers’ plight and enlighten you on how to get or use their product without any hurdle.