Virtium is a company manufacturing and distributing embedded SSD cards and serves as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for networking, gaming, and communication companies.

In Addition, Virtium is recognized as a storage and memory technology creator. The company product superseded other memory products in the market. Additionally, Virtium designed a computer product that permits the end-user to install a wide variety of commercially available software applications. Virtium is dedicated to creating effective and lasting devices that will reduce human workload and deployments.

Virtium is a leading manufacturer of solid-state memory and storage for customers involved in industrial embedded OEM. Virtium help to design, build and provide solutions to clients in the USA While also providing a dedicated team of software engineers to provide storage solutions.

Being one the Samsung’s ambassadors, the company provides undoubtful chances to customize memory modules. The company’s intellectual and agile engineers result in excellent and long-/lasting  industrial embedded devices.