Vishay Precision Group is also known as VPG is a technology company that manufactures different kinds of products. They have a reputation for maintaining precision just as the name implies. Some of the top technological designs by VPG are sensor-based systems and sensors, also they manufacture resistive foils. 

VPG is a multinational company that has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA. The company was founded in 2009 but they have successfully made a name for themselves with their main theme being performance through precision.  Although they have not spent up to two decades in existence, they compete at the top with other top electrical and mechanical components manufacturers. 

VPG designs products that cut across different sectors of life; they manufacture products for transportation, avionics, medical, military, agricultural, industrial, and space applications. They also have subsidiaries like Vishay Alpha Electronics K.K., George Kelk Corporation, Vishay Measurements Group Inc, Dynamic Systems Inc., Pacific Instruments Inc., Alpha Electronics Corp, Vishay Systems U.S., Inc., and so on. VPG also has a sufficient distribution sector that makes it easy to move their manufactured products to consumers in different parts of the world and also to get feedback to improve their product categories when needed. 

They are dedicated to making top-quality products using their precision and expertise to make life easier through technology.