Walsin technology company is a technology products company that designs and manufactures electro-technological devices used in engineering. They are top-tier in this field of passive components of electro-technological products.

Walsin Technology Corporation is a leading global designer and passive device manufacturer with a one-stop-shop product collection and a globally delivered platform. 

Its concentration in Research and development and strategic partnership with business partners is one of the primary reasons for their exceptional achievement. 

Apart from a strong vision to penetrate the market and have a large sect of it filled with their quality products, their mission ensures they become the forefront in the one-stop partner of preference in the Passive component. 

This vision is simultaneously structured to fit into their plan to have a people-centred and socially oriented obligation. They want to contribute to its immediate community with leading technology and contribute to basic social amenities. 

Walsin technologies got an incorporation deal in 1992, and its propagation to the importance of multi-layered ceramic ships(MLCC) that are integrated, well-advanced technologies.