W+P Products Company is an Electronic producer in Germany.  It was founded in 1994. They are into the product manufacturing and distribution of cable and connectors assemblies for PCB-associated applications. W+P Products makes available detailed connector policy solutions based on the specifications of their customer solutions around the engraved circuit board. Their production occurs at the top-most level in China and Germany. They deliver quality, convincing products.

W+P Products are among the demand leaders in the B2B area for small connectors. They have intense built-in manufacturing of tailor-made remedies, summed up by an overall portfolio of primary products.

Items such as tablets, phones, cars, or washing machines cannot be processed without an electronic element. Therefore, they have compact size connectors that combine several functions in a bit of space. 

W+P Products built their technical know-how from several proposals from partners, the knowledge gained, and their enthusiasm to expand further. As a result, W+P manufactures different connectors that suit high precision connectors and the economic version.