ZF Electronics is a global technology organization. They develop and manufacture a wide range of products, including snap switches, panel mounts, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, energy harvesting wireless switches, etc. 

Recently, they added more advanced products, including electronic controls, sensors, and touch controls that rely solely on infra-red technology. ZF Electronics produces various high-end sensors and switches that are employed in several industries and applications, which include Commercial Vehicles, Agricultural equipment, Off-road vehicles, household appliances, medical devices, factory automation, and so on. 

Their sensor products are better suited for rugged and harsh environments, including gear tooth speed sensors, angle position sensors, and magnetic proximity sensors. ZF Electronics consistently improves its systems and products in the areas of automation and digital connectivity, which helps vehicles to see, think, and act immediately. They have also been the sole supplier of Steute wireless products in the North American market since 2017.