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Brenda Navarrete
  1. I make my customers’ lives easier by being responsive, energetic, determined, structured and willing to support them any time.
  2. At Vyrian I feel Very motivated to achieve my goals, always supported by my entire team, all with the same goal, meet customer’s expectations.
  3. The most rewarding experience I had here at Vyrian To have the opportunity to Travel to visit our prospects and close very good negotiations, we have been pushed all the time
  4. In a typical day I’m Contacting my customers, offering alternative product solutions if they also meet the customer’s needs, following shipments, solving problems in transit, and always providing statuses and updates to my customers.
  5. My Mantra for Success at Vyrian is to always try my best and to never stop insisting until I achieve my goals and my customers’ goals.
  6. My keys to staying on top of ever-changing technology and innovations: Never stop working to be at the forefront of innovation and be informed of what is happening in the world. Stay in tune with the changing needs of my customers as well.