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Eric Wiggins
  1. I make my customers’ lives easier by providing them with the utmost customer service possible. I make it my mission to ensure that they are constantly updated on the status of their quotes and orders throughout the process of working with  I search our vast network to source quality parts that will ensure their production does not slow down. As quickly as possible, the parts are brought in and tested by our AS6081-certified test facility to ensure the quality and authenticity of the parts. The updates do not end until the parts have shipped to their dock.
  2. AtVyrian I feel that we have a team that has banded together during these difficult times to make a safe and functional workplace. The communication between the different branches ensures a tight nit group that performs at their absolute highest potential. We have remained open to help make a difference in many business sectors of the world; a perfect example is providing parts to go into medical equipment that’s leading the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The Vyrian team is strong, united, and ready to tackle any challenge thrown our way.
  3. The most rewarding experience I have had here atVyrian would be the relationships made. Whether that be with colleagues or the customers I’ve had the privilege to meet along the way. Although a business can lead people down different paths it’s the relationships made that withstand it all. There are customers that I no longer get to work with on a regular basis, but still ask about my family as I do theirs. It’s the relationships and interactions that make working with Vyrian so rewarding.
  4. On a daily basis I’m keeping an eye on the day-to-day of the sales team, and ensuring that we are achieving company, team, and personal goals that have been set. I am also watching the marketing that we receive in and ensuring that it’s handled by our team of account managers in a timely manner. As a manager, I’m also bridging the gap between sales and operations to make sure that communication is clear and the day-to-day runs smoothly. On top of that, I still have my own customer base that I am proud of and I love assisting them with active or hard to find components.
  5. My mantra for success here atVyrian is what you put into your job is what you’ll get back in return. The harder you push yourself and provide the company and your customers with a solid work ethic it will be rewarding in the end. Staying organized and going above and beyond are the keys to being successful in this industry.
  6. Today’s technology and innovations are rapidly changing each and every day, more so than ever before. Our industry has to adapt constantly to stay up with customer demands for new and old production. We are a small cog in the wheel here atVyrian, but with our wide array of customers it’s extremely satisfying to know we have a footprint in so many industries.