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Janessa Sutton
  1. I make my customers’ lives easier by ….…
    Building and maintaining customer trust is the most important offering Vyrian provides. I try to make our customers life easier by investing all my efforts into upholding Vyrian and industry quality standards, while ensuring timely delivery on the supply-side. At the receiving end of every component, we ship is an assembly line with workers and an end-consumer that needs the product to function. It’s especially important to me that our customers find Vyrian a consistently reliable partner in supplying those components that contributes to their successful endeavors.
  2. At Vyrian I feel….
    Excited to play a role in the ventures and ingenuity that is embodied in the diverse array of manufacturers we serve around the globe.  Our customers can range from small, mom & pop contract manufacturers to major aerospace corporations. Whether it’s supplying parts for an electric toothbrush or a space vessel that will orbit the earth someday, it’s exciting to be part of the endeavor.
  3. The most rewarding experience I had here at Vyrian…….
    I enjoy being in a position to learn something new every day about how our world runs that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see. I work with a fantastic team of people that are smart and ambitious. It’s rewarding to take all of our knowledge together to contribute to supplying the smallest component of the technological world that is so integral to the larger human experience.
  4. On a daily basis I…
    Ensure Vyrian’s vast network of suppliers, stock, market knowledge, and testing resources all come together seamlessly to meet each and every customer’s stated demand in a timely, cost-efficient manner. I mediate between our suppliers, Account Managers, and quality team to purchase a product that conforms to industry quality standards and complies with the customer’s contractual requirements. That means on a daily basis, I am involved in purchasing, sourcing, and vendor management; along with establishing and administering the protocol by which these activities are carried out. 
  5. My Mantra for Success at Vyrian is…….
    “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou
  6. Your view and contribution towards ever-changing technology and innovations….