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Why and how to seek the help of electronics component supply chain experts

Why and how to seek the help of electronics component supply chain experts

The electronics industry is a sector that has seen rapid growth in recent years. As the demand for new and innovative products continues to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for smaller companies to keep up with the pace of innovation. This is where an electronics component supply chain expert can help you take your business to the next level while providing cost-effective solutions every step of the way!

Reasons for Finding New Electronic Components Supply Chains

The electronics industry has been faced with a shortage of semiconductors for the past few years, and this shortcoming is only getting worse. Chipmakers have found ways to cut down on their production by eliminating certain parts or combining multiple functions into one part to meet demand; they are also buying up all available inventory as soon as it becomes available so that there will be enough product to go around when shortages occur.

Semiconductor manufacturers may not provide any more chips at these rates because some components might no longer be made while others take an extended time away from manufacturing due to high demand elsewhere—hence why many OEMs find themselves replacing specific cells on circuit boards just to keep them operational during periods of heavy usage. However, below are the reasons that can force a change.

Why You May Need An Electronic Component Replacement

Incorrect parts: All too often, the wrong part is initially designed. Sometimes it’s an inaccurate value or doesn’t provide the expected functionality but this error may be missed during initial testing and debugging of that particular board.

Component failures: Engineers are always striving to create the perfect product. However, sometimes component failures will occur and require a redesign of parts. Sometimes these replacements cannot be made from original components so manufacturers must design new ones that work just as well or better than their predecessors with different forms, fits, or functions.

Unavailable parts: Component failures have a major impact on the production process and often result in costly redesigns. When one batch of components is found to be defective, it might require replacing them with an entirely new type if they are not all identical or compatible parts that will function properly together.

Counterfeit components: This is a common occurrence, but it should not be ignored. Counterparts may have purposely altered their part numbers or used other methods to falsify them; these parts will need to be replaced if production versions of the actual parts are unavailable.

Why You Need the Help of Component Supply Chain Experts

The following are set of people tasked with the responsibility of helping you source for the best electronic components:

  • Component engineers: Component engineers are responsible for monitoring the product change notices and making sure that their customers will have the necessary parts. If a new component is needed, they’ll research which one would be best form fit, and function to ensure your continued satisfaction with the products!
  • Procurement team: Procurement team members are experts in their field, with decades of experience working closely with engineers to ensure that the components they need for PCBs can be procured at a competitive rate. These people also work hard behind the scenes on legacy designs by carefully selecting parts from reputable brokers and suppliers.
  • Component research tools: Using the component research tools, a CM will be able to find and analyze all of the components needed for their design. This includes BOM analysis tools that keep track of parts in an efficient way as well as online PCNs which allow them to search through far more products than they would otherwise have access to. 

With the current electronic component shortage, it is increasingly difficult for engineers to get their hands on what they need to design and build circuits. That’s why we at Vyrian focus so heavily on finding these parts when you need them – no matter how obscure or specific your needs may be. 

With our team of expert part specialists, circuit designers, procurement experts with a supply chain network that can find any price point from sourcing through manufacturing- and lead times shorter than most other suppliers out there- let us help bring your idea into reality!

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