Aeroflex Incorporated is a multilateral high technology company that creates and produces a wide range of microelectronics and measurement products. They comprise Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions(AMS), a fables producer of high-quality semiconductor devices and rad-hard semiconductors, and Aeroflex Test Solutions, which manufactures electronics test instruments. 

Aeroflex produces various systems and components for wireless communication, test equipment, RF, and microwave integrated circuits. Their other products include Hi-rel MSI integrated circuits, mixed-signal and digital ASICS, motion control, signal generators, functional test platform, avionics test, spectrum/signal analyzer, AOI, etc. 

This wide range of products can be used in various applications and industries. Aeroflex headquarters was in Plainview, New York. Aeroflex Incorporated was founded in 1937 but has been acquired by Cobham, a UK aerospace company, since 2014, and they now operate under them.