Delta Electronics has been chosen for many of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 2020 (DJSI). Delta Electronics is also a Taiwanese electronics producing company with its headquarters in Taipei and Neihu. It was established on April 4, 1971, by Bruce CH Chang.

They are commerce leaders in instruments, components, and electronic equipment. Delta has led five times in the past three years. Also, they were chosen for DJSI Emerging sales for eight years at a stretch.

Delta electronics have the highest environmental grades in the industry DJSI announced Delta for the highest rates for seven primary products in the world electronic equipment organization. Delta’s series of efforts have gained increased recognition globally. 

As of now, Delta has put in place 2,036 energy-saving projects and buys international Renewable Energy Certificates ( 1-RECS). They have placed themselves as problem solvers in renewable energy, telecom, surveillance systems, smart building, data centers, industrial automation, and power systems for new energy vehicles.