ERNI Electronics is a top leading global producer and supplier of interconnects. They design, develop and manufacture tremendous and reliable connectors with various applications. They also have several branches in Asia, the USA, and Europe. 

ERNI Electronics offers a wide range of products and services, including connectors, housing/enclosures, cable housings, etc. They provide their products and services to several industries, including transport, medical, Telecommunications, Data communications, Aerospace, Military, and Instrumentation. 

However, their essential services are primarily industrial automation and the automotive sector. Their connectors are better suited for headlight solutions and electromobility. ERNI is immensely capable of any problem related to DCS, PLC, reliable drive technology, and I/O applications. 

They have an incredible portfolio and experience. ERNI produces and supplies other industries and market sectors with high-quality and efficient cable assemblies, connector solutions, etc.