FASTRON is owned by private industry and was established in 1978. It is a trademark for inductors. FASTRON is knowledgeable in the industry of Electronic Manufacturing. They are competent in precision sheet metal housings, power inductors, customized MR coils, mechatronic assemblies to serve a broad scope of user demand for different types of electronic coils. FASTRON commenced her activities in Germany but has grown into a multinational entity with over a thousand workers. Rapid Biomedical Company, based in Germany, also belongs to FASTRON Group.

FASTRON was able to add value to the brand of SMD guarded power inductors and offered a modern PISA brand that meets the standard of AEC-Q200 automotive. The power indicators of Fastron can tolerate a broad scope of temperature. Its inductance worth varies from 1.0uH to 1000uH; they are ideal for currents that are rated high.