Ferroxcube was initially a Philips elements company but is now a part of the Chilisin Group and a powerful global distributor of passive elements. In addition, Ferroxcube is a leading distributor of ferrite elements. 

Being a leading distributor in ferrite-ceramic technology, they provide a wide range of delicate ferrite cores, EMI suppression products, and accessories to back up equipment producers in their electromagnetic disturbance. 

Also, Ferroxcube provides substantial design-in assistance that includes application data and software to assist designers in optimizing their modern brands.

They have a powerful R&D committee that helps them create lesser power losses and greater saturation attractive flux density for an enormous scope of operating frequencies. Ferroxcube aims to back up modern digital electronic markets that have products mixing miniature with ever-greater functionality.

The business of ferrite elements entails striving for excellence and quality. This cuts across services and customer support.