Finisar, also known as II-VI Incorporated, was founded in 1961. It is one of the best leading manufacturers of engineering materials and optoelectronic components. Finisar is a vertically integrated manufacturing organization that creates inventive solutions for various applications in the optical communications, industrial, life sciences, aerospace and defense, semiconductor capital equipment, and consumer markets. 

Their headquarters is located in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. They also have over 70 global locations in eighteen counties. Finisar also has worldwide research and development, services, sales, manufacturing, and distribution sites worldwide. 

The company has a portfolio of a wide range of electronics materials, component and application-specific photonics. They utilize these products in different forms, including integrated with advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers. 

Finisar is well known for its integrity, enthusiasm, accountability, collaboration, and respect. Their core mission is to make the world safer, closer, healthier, and more efficient.