Lapp Group was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with OLFLEX, which is the first signal cable produced industrially in the world. Lapp Group is one of the leading manufacturers of conductor, cables, connectors, and fully integrated connectivity solutions. 

This wide range of products and services are used in various markets and industries, including industrial robots, mechanical and system engineering, MSR Technology, machinery production, public transport, alternate energy, food processing, charging systems for vehicles, EDC, electrical and installation engineering, oil drilling platforms, etc. 

Lapp Group is an expert in making customized solutions to fit clients’ specific needs. Lapp Group’s primary goal is to keep manufacturing inventive connection solutions, high-end and high-quality solutions, having a comprehensive understanding of various industries, and providing excellent customer service. 

To further satisfy their clients, Lapp Group has 43 sales companies and about 100 sales partners around the globe, which make worldwide delivery possible.