In 1963, the Micropac company, formerly known as  Farsi industries, was renamed by William W. Horsman. The company began to manufacture electronic muscle exerciser stimulators and circuit boards and offer technician services. In 1974, Heinz-Werner Hamper and Nicholas Sapolsky became the head of the company before Micropac Industries was regenerated and headed by Mark King. 

The company began to gain popularity and more profit as things changed. Micropac has expanded from little discrete devices to customized integrated systems for different industries, aerospace, college, and hospitals.

Currently, the company recruits some competent engineers to help manufacture optoelectronics. Microelectronics are essential for controlling, processing, and detecting light. The company aims to offer good performing, reliable, and cost-friendly devices to meet the demand of health centers, the military, and industries for microelectronics components.