Mill-Max company is a technology products company that designs and manufactures electro-technological devices used in engineering. The company based in the United States is globally the largest producer of interconnect components, with over 100 million precision machined components in the North of America. 

The firm is an American supplier, which has its headquarters in Oyster Bay, US. with over 190 employees, Mill-Max offers a large variety of devices that serve as interconnectors between machines. Consumers; either organization or individuals are faced with enough products to make a preferred choice.

The companies activities which include; processing, manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, and customer service are all performed in their 150,000 square foot plant. 

The company’s philosophy is entrenched in its belief in rendering quality affordable electro-technological products to enhance development and creation of clinically in sync machines in their performance and technology. Mill-Max has a culture of absolute control of production, starting from the raw materials used to the finished product. This guarantees absolute quality assurance of their products. 

Mill-Max has expanded its products categories, manufacturing products ranging from; gears, hobs, machined pins, receptacle, cables, and IC sockets.