Rubycon Corporation is a global leader in designing, developing, and producing several switching power supplies and capacitors. Since its foundation in 1952, Rubycon Corporation has been involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling electronics components centered on aluminum electrolytic capacitors. 

They have also built up, met, and exceeded the expectations of their clients throughout the world during this period. Their products are manufactured with in-house equipment and materials. Rubycon’s core technology immensely contributed to the cost reduction and miniaturization of state-of-the-art fields and all electronic circuits. 

In addition, they manufacture their products to meet the specific needs of their customers. Although aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a short lifespan, Rubycon’s capacitors have excellent extended performance stability.  

Their headquarters is in Nagano, Japan. Rubycon also has several facilities and sales branches in Europe, Asia, and North America. These facilities and sales branches have helped them cater to their local and international customers.