Seeed Technology is a leading manufacturer of internet of things(IoT) hardware. They provide services that enable their clients to realize their products and projects. Seeed designs and develops modular electronics for easy prototyping and quick small-scale deployments. 

Seeed Technology partners with technology providers to provide a wide range of sensor modules and hardware platforms that are ready to be integrated into existing internet of things(IoT) platforms. They make open source inventories, including drivers, development kits, memory storage, user interface products. Seeed Technology is also dedicated to keeping the open-source hub alive and active. They help inventors and manufacturers supply and distribute their innovations. 

They also encourage inventors to produce their models by providing propagation services. Seeed Technology can also offer customized and efficient manufacturing services, from a single unit to over 10,000 units, to their customers with Shenzhen’s extended and flexible supply chain.