Sumitomo Electric Industries is one of the top manufacturing companies in Japan. The Sumitomo Electric Industries was set up in 1897 to manufacture copper wires (bare wires), copper rods, and copper plates.

Sumitomo is the highest manufacturer of wire and cable in the whole of Japan. Sumitomo Electric also extended its production to flexible printed circuits, optical fiber for network services, and harnesses for automobiles. 

The interesting fact about this manufacturer is that they have their headquarters in Osaka, Japan, they also have up to 390 subsidiaries worldwide. They have a great partnership with automotive companies since half of their product sales are often channeled into the automotive industry. The other percentage of sales are made to clients in the telecommunication and electronic industries. They also have lots of clients and partners in the energy sector. 

Despite the subsidiaries they have all over the world, their main revenue is generated in Japan. Sumitomo Electric has been concentrating on R and D to manufacture new product variants.