With a broad line of over 5,000 products, Switchcraft deals in the supply of components for telecommunication, transportation, audio, video, instrumentation, health, and defense industries. The leading supplier is thriving in both international and national markets. Switchcraft offers many products on the market, from DC power jacks and plugs to pro audio boxes, switches, and connectors. 

The industry leader ensures products meet industry standards. While the company complies with the ISO 9001 standards, the products meet UL, Mil-Spec, CSA, IP68, VDE, Semko, Nemko, SEV, Demko, and SETI standards. Switchcraft procures Conxall, the leading producer of harsh environment connectors and customized cable assemblies. The acquisition enables the global leader to expand its growth in the industrial market. The two manufacturing companies work together to create tailored solutions for clients. Switchcraft utilizes 3D design and an on-site toolroom to create the quickest, most effective result for your project needs. 

The motto “Consistently excellent” isn’t just a catchphrase; it depicts their high technology precision, expertise, value, and innovation. Perhaps the client can’t find their choice from the vast array of products; their engineering team will collaborate with clients to custom-build a product that will meet their needs.