Syfer Technology was founded in 1987 and since then has become one of the major manufacturers of electrical components. Syfer Technology manufactures and distributes its products to other companies in the UK. Syfer Technology, founded in  1987 is now known as Knowles UK with its headquarters in Norwich, England. 

Knowles has a long list of subsidiaries, both domestic and internationally. All the domestic subsidiaries are incorporated under Delaware and the international subsidiaries are incorporated under different countries like China, Japan, Australia, and so on.

Knowles is a company under two parent organizations which are Dover Corporation and Knowles Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. As one of the biggest companies in the UK, they have over 2500 staff. They manufacture electrical components like filters and capacitors. They manufacture multilayer capacitors for different ranges of fields like Medical, Military, Space, Avionics, and other Consumers.