When searching for secure and safe connections for creating and manufacturing smart devices, you can count on Taiwan Semiconductors. 

Taiwan Semiconductors is an Asian company, which multinationally manufactures electrical products and devices. They primarily focus on manufacturing circuit protection devices simultaneously with a vast range of automotive sensors and electrical switches.  

Taiwan fosters creative innovations across automotive, mobile, IoT, communications, and industrial markets. The company number one desire to have the world connected, the belief is built on three pillars;

Enabling Technologies

The company is concentrating on creating intelligent and secure future advancements in drone technology, edge computing, automotive processing, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Design for Sustainability

In designing for the future, products that improve how we live, Taiwan components help customers predict the closest technology to that of the end. 

Total Quality

With Taiwan’s “total-quality” mindset, they regularly ensure their products are top-notch from beginning to finish, from the raw material to the finished product. This is to create a reliable solution that is cost-effective and safe.

They are a set of producing solutions based on specific customers’ needs. 

With experience for over 34 years in manufacturing and designing electronics, Taiwan has over 51,000 workers keeping the ball rolling; they say, “our workers, our greatest asset.” 

It has dual headquarters, Eindhoven, Netherland, and Austin, United States. They have sites of operation across 35 countries and teams in engineering in 25 countries.