From circuit breakers to power adapters, connectors, and more, there are many products built to industry standards offered by Weidmuller. Headquartered in Virginia, the USA, the electronics provider, is quite innovative in meeting the needs of its customers. Whether generating electricity or automotive manufacturing, virtually no company doesn’t use electronics and electrical connectivity. 

Technology has driven the emergence of new markets accompanied by new challenges. Weidmuller believes technology and connectivity are indispensable to solutions. While their industrial environment is built on connections that require maintenance and optimization, they strive to provide the best connection. 

As an innovator and trendsetter, Weidmüller is focused on providing advanced solutions. They are notable for industrial analytics, photovoltaic solutions, wind solutions, energy management solutions, digitalization, and automation solutions. With technical expertise and passion, Weidmüller has offered future-oriented solution concepts for the automobile, transportation, and energy industries.