Due to cutting-edge technology and digital transformation, soldering has taken a new look. The stress of having to wait around while the soldering gun gets hot led to the discovery of the transformer-based instant heating soldering method. Established in 1945, Weller Tools is an industry leader in soldering technology. Through innovation and reliability, the premier company is ranked among the best soldering companies in the industry. 

The increasing demand for their products has made Weller Tools a market leader for hand-soldering products across the world, transcending Europe and the Near East. The company continues to explore new frontiers in soldering while discovering novel methods and improving old processes. Their products are segmented into performance, efficiency, and technology lines for optimum customer satisfaction. 

Weller Tools prioritize users’ health and work schedule; thus, they incorporate filtration, connectivity, traceability, and ergonomics in the soldering process. Owing to the advancement in technology, Weller Tools is integrating artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and the internet of things in their operation.