Amphenol is a worldwide leader in offering interconnect solutions for the electronics sector; hence Amphenol ICC controls this company’s division that provides interconnect solutions to Information, communication, and commercial electronics. 

The company’s connectors are used globally in various fields cutting across markets such as a server,  storage, data center, networking, industrial, business equipment and 


Amphenol ICC ensures offering the best solution to consumers who need it either as an individual or as a corporate organization involved in engineering and technology. They intend to increase the products across the world into people’s daily lives, providing people opportunities.

To achieve that, they are fully dedicated to facilitating Research and Development, design, manufacturing, and sales. 

The company’s division was founded in January 2107 by merging Amphenol FCI and Amphenol IT communication devices. This has encouraged them and further strengthened its footprint into the market, especially the automotive market.