Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc are experts at manufacturing semiconductor products and are in this niche of production since 1988. Their subsidiaries include Signia Technologies Inc, Sofwin Inc, SI-EN Technology ltd., and Enable Semiconductor Corporation.

As a leader in the technology industry, ISSI produces integrated circuits that are effective in medical, automotive, and communication sectors with the primary aim of ensuring end-users have access to high-speed SRAM and low or medium-density DRAM.  They have numerous distribution outlets across different locations to provide excellent relationships with clients. 

ISSI headquarters is in California. A few years ago, their products were only effective among countries like Taiwan, China, Korea, and other Asian counterparts. However, market expansions made them take an interest in products that are efficient in numerous industries worldwide. As a result, recent research shows ISSI is one of the largest producers of semiconductors in the world.